Comic Site

I’ve tentatively retitled the webcomic “Tasting the Punish Mint” and moved it to this site.

Comments on the name and suggestions for alternatives are welcome in comments here.

I will still announce new comics here when they come up but I’ll just link to the comic site instead of posting them here too.

3 thoughts on “Comic Site”

  1. I like the old name better. But the new one isn’t bad. Perhaps a tweak: “Taste the Punish Mint!” I guess I just like exclamation points.

    Also — any chance you can get an rss feed going at the new site?

  2. Hey Ed… Just read through the series on the new site. If you’ve got a larger version of the “gaming night” comic, you might want to put it up. Right now it’s hard to read the words.

    “I have armed the nuclear device…”

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