Welcome Back

Thanks for putting up with the short hiatus. More below, personal stuff, skip if that ain’t your bag baby.

UPDATE: apparently I’m sick as a dog.  Probably why I’ve been feeling crappy the past few days; it was creeping up on me, my body was telling me something was very wrong, but in the absence of overt symptoms I just read it as “life sucks.”

I got hit by some nasty intense depression and was kind of withdrawing from the (online) world for a while there. I managed to conquer the beastie which was telling me to blow away the blog for good because it was totally stupid and probably just made people hate me and stuff… I strategically appeased it by just blocking access to the blog with a .htaccess file, so when I felt better no damage was done.


4 thoughts on “Welcome Back”

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re sick. I figured the reason why you kept leaving IM so abruptly was that you were sick and tired of all my Ubuntu questions. ;)

  2. and why does this goddamned thing convert every comment to all lower-case? it makes me look like an idiot, and i don’t need your help for that, mister. :D

  3. That is to indicate the relative status of Blogger and Commenter.

    It’s just a theme thing.

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