8 thoughts on “Bring It! Goes Linux”

  1. I liked the (if I’m not mistaken) improved resolution on this one. Torn about the loss of handwriting, though. A little easier to read, but somehow not the same. I dunno. Maybe I’m just a crusty old fan of the early Bring It! material and resistant to inevitable change. :)

  2. Just an idea: bring-it.com is available. Unfortunately, bringit.com and its variants (net, info, org, etc) aren’t.

  3. Hey, you can still send stuff to me! Ubuntu, repr’sent!

    (Er, except when I’m playing video games…then it’s XP all the way, baby!)

    (And, of course: AMIGA!!!!!)

    God, I’m so confused.

  4. I dig the greater resolution as well — I sense an artistic wobble here centering on some sort of consistent image, and that’s awesome to watch. I also rather like the handwriting. May a sort of compromise, if it appeals to you: create a font from your handwriting and use that, thus saving time, maintaining readability, and maintaining the character. (by the way, I *like* the grungy look in comics — but I also like gargage bands who can’t afford proper equipment.)

  5. I second Patrick’s idea of a font created from your own writing. Looks more legit than the already-present-on-your-computer font. Also — this is the first BI! where the text wasn’t all-caps. Isn’t all-caps a comics standard? I’m probably horribly wrong there, but it’s something I noticed.

    When I was in college and took Design for the Theater, I was encouraged to develop my own separate handwriting style for use in lighting plots or set design blue-prints. It was all caps and extremely neat. David Leugs has developed his own to the point where it almost looks like a font — one “E” looks almost exactly like the next one.

    So if you’re bored, you can always practice that.

  6. In this font, all-caps looked kind of ugly, I thought. (Despite the fact that it’s a comic font — MS Comic Sans.)

    But yeah, a handwriting font would probably be a good way to go.

  7. I’d agree on that one–especially since Ed’s handwriting (unlike mine) is totally readable. You’re also right about all caps being the comic standard. That being said, unless Ed intends it to be published in a newspaper, it probably won’t matter. Also, small letters are generally more readable than all caps.

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