Playa Hatin’

UPDATE: Entry has been deleted. Poor guy musta got overwhelmed by rubyists pointing out the error of his ways. Feel kinda bad for him. Something similar happened to me once.


Well, it’s begun. The extreme Ruby buzz is bringing out angry, ignorant hating from Pythonistas.

Let me sum up the article for you: “Ruby isn’t like Python or Lisp. It’s more like Smalltalk and Perl. Waaaaaah.”

Yeah, almost as if it were primarily inspired by Smalltalk and Perl.

Stupid buzz.

Detailed rebuttal here, containing most of the points that leapt to my mind when I read the Eel thing.

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  1. When I just looked at the “anti-ruby” article, I found that it was gone and that the blog that contained was also gone. Wonder what’s up with that?

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