Never Hurts To Ask

We’re tight on funds this month. If y’all know of somebody who needs some quick work done in a programming, web design, or illustration capacity that I could do in the evenings or weekends this month, could you hook me up with them? I have done some Javascript work before, and put together a Perl shopping cart, in the past few months, as well as done some illustrations for indie roleplaying games… I know me some PHP, Ruby, and Python too. Just in case somebody happens to be reading this and looking for somebody to do something like that. This would be a good time.

And if I don’t get any response, I’m gonna have to go for the full-screen Flash-based interstitial ads. I hear there’s a good return on those these days. ;)

(Update: we’re not as bad off this month as I thought. It’d still be fun to bring in some extra $ though. )