File Storage Services?

I’ve got a ton of data sitting on my mostly unused dreamhost account, largely personal stuff like artwork and music and my favorite music videos, stuff like that. Maybe two or three gigs total. It seems silly to maintain a $20/mo Dreamhost account just for file storage. charges $0.01 per megabyte-month. I move all that stuff over and suddenly I’m paying, like, $20/month for my Dreamhost account, which otherwise would cost nickels a month. Not so cool. is not intended as a storage space for tons and tons of files.

So I’m wondering if anyone out there knows of a good storage/backup service with reasonable prices for this kind of giggage.

I could put it all as attachments on a Gmail account, but that seems lame. Maybe next month they’ll change their terms of service and delete all the people who treat them as a file storage service without warning, you know? Within their rights. It’s a free service.

I could make everything I’ve got up there Creative Commons licensed and upload it to…. if I held the copyright to all of it… which I largely don’t.

I figure there must be somebody out there who’s got a really solid, reasonably priced service, like for email and for web space…

It may just turn out that there’s nothing more reasonably priced for that kind of storage than my $20/month dreamhost account, in which case, cool, but it seems likely that some more specialized service will probably have better rates.

Does anybody out there use a dedicated file storage/backup service they could recommend?

Especially one with SFTP/scp/rsync access?

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  1. Well, were it not for your bad luck with Yahoo, I’d recommend dumping it into a Yahoo briefcase. It’s free and probably greatly in excess of the 20 MB you need.

    I’m betting that there’s got to be someone else who does that too though.

  2. For one thing, DH’s $10/mo package also has quite a bit of storage, and costs half as much. :) And if you pay 2 years at a time, it’s even less.

  3. whoa, strongspace immediately gets high interest because of the extremely good rep Dean Allen and company have.

    And it’s SFTPable and has a shell account!

  4. Looks like downgrading my Dreamhost account to more modest storage will probably be the most cost-effective solution though.

  5. I know, I have been waiting for a commenter to point out that a half dozen CD-Rs are pretty cheap “per month” :)

  6. that’s pretty sweet, Joel. I couldn’t get it to work when I tried it though, and it’s not very cross platform (that I know of).

    Right now the FUSE userspace filesystem is one of the few places where Linux *totally* wins over even OS X in coolness.

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