Vim Experiment

I’ve been using Emacs for programming for years now. But I have been using old-school ‘vi’ for quick edits on configuration files and the like.

I know a lot of people who love the heck out of ‘Vim’, aka ‘vi improved,’ which is vi mutated to the point that it has capabilities comparable to Emacs’s.

I think I’m gonna try coding in vim for a while.

Any vim lovers who want to point me to good vim resources on the net or whatever, shout out in the comments.

UPDATE: I can’t do this right now. I need to be able to use my editor without thinking about it. I’m going to save the vim transition for a time I can afford to stop and think more.

7 thoughts on “Vim Experiment”

  1. I never liked GUIs for programming, and always used vi. They tried to force us to use JBuilder at my last job, and it was so slow I never did. But for the past couple of years I’ve been using Eclipse for Java development and I love it. It provides all sorts of nifty cross-referencing capability, formatting, refactoring abilities like moving classes around and changing all their references in the code, reasonable speed, etc. If you’re doing Java, I recommend checking it out. And it’s free.

  2. If I was doing Java I’d probably be making more money than I am now. ;) I’m doing Perl.

    I hear there’s a Perl eclipse dealy but I work on Linux; how does Eclipse do there?

  3. I know how ya feel, Ed. It wasn’t easy coding C++ for school with that goddamned Microsoft IDE thingy (“visual studio”? can’t remember). Especially when you’re used to coding ARexx in MEmacs. :D

  4. I just read an interesting article on whether visual studio rots the brain. I’ll have to find and post it. RexxB0y!

  5. Eclipse works pretty well on FreeBSD for programming PHP and Java. That’s what I use most of the time. Can’t tell you how well it does for Perl… Perhaps I should install that module and see.

    That being said, you have to have a working JVM to use it. I imagine it will work just fine on Linux. You won’t have to comple the JDK…

    Incidentally, cdj may be amused to know that Borland (owners of JBuilder) are apparently developing for Eclipse to some extent now.

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