700 Club Staffer Acquits Himself Honorably

I’m proud of this guy. A radio show shock jock prank called the 700 Club prayer line, asking to pray for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, a la Pat Robertson. The staffer would have none of it and dealt with it in a really awesome fashion. Rock on staffer John!

Transcript here.

Favorite part:

700 Club: Uh, let’s pray.

BEAST: Yeah, dear lord heaven something…

700 Club: No, no, no, no no, we not going to go on this together because you may say the wrong thing. So let’s—uh, go ahead and let me pray and if you don’t agree, fine.

BEAST: Okay.

700 Club: Father, in the name of the lord Jesus Christ we pray. I would like you to put your hands on this situation today lord, in the name of Jesus, lord. Lord, in the flesh we have a tendency to want to get back at our enemies, but the bible says vengeance is mine, said the lord, in the mighty name of the lord Jesus Christ we pray, and that goes for if America is wrong; it goes for if people down in South America is wrong, wherever, because the Bible says you reap what you sow, according to Galatians chapter 6 verse 7. These prayers and these blessings we ask are in Jesus name, amen.

BEAST: Amen for the assasination of Hugo Chavez!

700 Club: Sir, I rebuke that in Jesus name. Amen.