Department of Peace and Nonviolence

Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich would have made an awesome president… for me at least.

Kucinich Introduces Legislation to Create Cabinet Level Department of Peace And Nonviolence
Legislation Co-Sponsored By 57 Members Of Congress

WASHINGTON – September 14 – With our nation at war in Iraq, Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), today, reintroduced legislation to create a cabinet level Department of Peace and Nonviolence.
The legislation, first introduced in the 107th Congress, embodies a broad-based approach to peaceful and non-violent conflict resolution at both domestic and international levels. The Department of Peace and Nonviolence would serve to promote non-violence as an organizing principle in our society, and help to create the conditions for a more peaceful world.

Domestically, the Department would be responsible for developing policies to address issues such as: domestic violence, gang violence, child abuse, violence in schools, hate crimes, racial violence and mistreatment of the elderly. The Department would have an Office of Peace Education that would work with educators in elementary, secondary and universities in the development and implementation of curricula to instruct students in nonviolent conflict resolution skills. In addition, a Peace Academy, modeled after the military service academies, would be established to provide instruction in peace education and offer opportunities for graduates to serve in programs dedicated to domestic or international nonviolent conflict resolution.

Internationally, the Department would analyze foreign policy and make recommendations to the President on matters pertaining to the protection of human rights and the prevention and de-escalation of unarmed and armed international conflict.

“Now, more than ever, this legislation is urgently needed,” stated Kucinich. “Domestically, this legislation will provide structure and new programs to reduce violence in our society. Internationally, our current foreign policy makes our nation less safe and will make it impossible to meet our domestic needs. This legislation offers an path towards peace and prosperity.”

The bill already has 57 original co-sponsors in the House of Representatives.