Dreamhost Outage

Well, the blog’s back. Dreamhost was down for most of a day. Something to do with those LA power outages.


5 thoughts on “Dreamhost Outage”

  1. That amazes me. Surely their servers are in a data center… right? They should have backup power to last for weeks, as should their upstream providers. Maybe your site runs out of someone’s closet ;-)

  2. As of yet there has been no communication about the outage, and no announcements about it. It just happened and then unhappened.

    I’m rethinking my loyalty to Dreamhost.

  3. I’ve had terrible experiences with DreamHost (read about my experiences at Why DreamHost Sucks). I moved to with redundant data centers. When the L.A. blackout brought down DreamHost, my site didn’t experience any hiccups.

  4. I just registered for Dreamhost about a couple hours back. Everything was fine for a few minutes. And BOOM. The site is down now. Was wondering if I made a stupid decision – Should I ask for a refund and quit right now.

    Do you folks plan to stick with DreamHost?

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