I haven’t posted politically for a long time but this is huge, and politics are all mixed up in it.

I’m angry and horrified by what’s been going on with Katrina and the government response to it. I would like to be able to trust the government to do what democratic governments are supposed to do — act with the best will and wisdom of the people as a whole on a scale on which indviduals and smaller groups cannot act.

I don’t want to go demonizing Republicans, but damn, folks like Santorum, advocating literally punishing hurricane victims for being victimized, cry out “Demonize me! I’m holding the goddamn pitchfork! Can’t you smell the brimstone?”

Articles like this one resonate deeply with me and I want to quote them in full and shout YEAH!

There’s got to be a better way to react but I can’t really see my way to a better place right now when I think about these things.

I just hope things change.

2 thoughts on “Outrage”

  1. You shouldn’t apologize for reacting with rage to this situation. Rage should be encouraged in the face of such willful incompetence. Lord knows, it might actually lead to an impeachment if the right people got mad about it.

  2. I only have -so much- room in my life for anger. The continued disregard for people by this administration is almost a constant pain for me… like if I were starving. Ever since November elections I only watch the news once in a while… because I get too darn upset. I literally -hate- this republican administration and the way it wants to take us. It is wrong, wrong, wrong and I simply can’t comprehend how anyone could think otherwise. I think I might have to cut myself off from the news again for a while.

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