I’ve been working on an x86 laptop for work. It came with Windows XP Home and I put Linux on it, trying a number of different flavors but always coming back to Ubuntu.

There are a couple things that have frustrated the heck out of me with respect to ubuntu on this particular laptop —

* the sound server, ‘esd’, has some flakiness with respect to starting and stopping sessions.
* I cannot for the life of me get it to ‘suspend’ so I have to shut it down and start it up every time I change locations with the laptop. (The laptop is very low-end and does not have built in suspend capability in the hardware, and Linux’s software suspend capability is way too bleeding edge.)

So I decided, to heck with it, I’m gonna go with Windows! I can get a very linux-like situation going on there with the help of the Cygwin project, Firefox, Thunderbird, Gaim, Emacs for windows, python and perl and wxwidgets and everything I need is out there. Why not just use windows and not fight the hardware?

A couple days later, I have my answer:

It totally sucks.

Back to Ubuntu.

UPDATE: to be fair to Bill, most of the suckage seems to have been caused by being nearly out of disk space. It’s much “snappier” when that problem is fixed.

3 thoughts on “Windows”

  1. no crashing so far, but everything’s just slow and awkward and painful.

    The desktop is ugly as hell, it’s a pain clicking through that stupid start menu, fonts look even worse than linux… Everything’s just awkward.

    A large part of it is probably me and what I’m used to, but hey, I’m me.

  2. Every time I use Windows I’m amazed at how ugly the fonts are. After all this time they still look like they’re printed by a dot matrix printer. :)

    If you really wanted to try windows, you should get LiteStep, a NeXt-ish window manager for windows. It basically makes it like using a *nix window manager with windows hardware support. And BSOD’s. :)

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