The Sniper That Wasn’t

You can hardly blame the government for the rescue situation in New Orleans when people were constantly firing shots at rescue helicopters right? It proves they’re a bunch of ungrateful savages who barely deserve a rescue. If there’s one thing that’s been reported almost as extensively as the hurricane itself it’s the sniper fire on the rescue helicopters. One would imagine this shooting was going on everywhere…


Lt. Col. Pete Schneider of the Louisiana National Guard said other evacuations were continuing and were not affected by trash fires burning outside the Superdome. Law enforcement officers will ride with the school buses, he said.

“At the Superdome, we have a report that one shot was fired at a Chinook helicopter,” Schneider said, adding that the Chinook is “an extremely large aircraft.”

Laura Brown, a Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman in Washington, said she had no such report.

“We’re controlling every single aircraft in that airspace and none of them reported being fired on,” she said, adding that the FAA was in contact with the military as well as civilian aircraft.

Via Watching the Watchers, which notes that unfounded tales of minority savagery in the lawless wake of a giant natural disaster have happened before in U.S. history and in fact social scientists have noted that the phenomenon of “looting” itself is prone to this kind of mythologization.