Zoot Suit Riots

I had heard the song “Zoot Suit Riot” by the endearingly named Cherry Poppin Daddies, whom I’d always considered kind of a cheesy shadow of the Squirrel Nut Zippers, but I had no idea there actually were Zoot Suit Riots — four days of nonstop assault on young Mexican-Americans in East L.A. by World War II servicemen (the Greatest Generation!) and local police.

Happened across this in the
Zoot Suit Riots wikipedia entry.

One of those things you never learned in your high school history class.

Paul Graham: Professionalism Just A Fad

Paul Graham’s stuff often annoys me, but I enjoyed this article a lot. He points out that one of the worst places to get work done is at work, and that professionalism is inferior to amateurism in most important ways, and other good paradoxical stuff.

He also spouts some ideological nonsense, but I’m sure my intelligent readers will be able to sort that stuff out. :)

More Compliment Spam

This stuff is kinda funny. No spam links, just a spate of compliments. My theory is that if any of them make it through, then the bot will notice and that user info will be used to blitz-spam the site. So I marked ’em all spam and went on with life.

67K screenshot

Greetings From Nigeria

Inspired by a true story….

Dear Sir,
I am PETER AKINOLA, Archbishop, Metropolitan, and Primate of All Nigeria. I received your name from a trusted source and I am contacting you in confidence regarding a business relationship that will be advantageous to us both.
At the time of the Province of Nigeria’s break with the Anglican Communion, our Church was in possession of properties (churches, schools, etc.) valued at US$2,000,000,000. At the present time, due to disputes over ownership between
our Church and certain dioceses claiming membership in the Anglican Communion, the Nigerian government has frozen the Church’s assets until the matter is arbitrated. Furthermore, they have launched an ongoing investigation into the
Church’s handling of certain moneys allocated to it, including an investigation of the Primatial See.
In light of these facts, a sum belonging to the Church equivalent to US$200,000,000 and which has never been declared as Church income has been deposited in a secret account known only to me, which cannot be traced by the government, which funds I intend to use toward the revitalization of the Nigerian Church. However, due to the ongoing investigation, I am unable to directly access this account while in Nigeria. I therefore wish, with your assistance, to transfer this money to an account outside the country. As a fee for your valuable services, I propose remitting to you 15% ($30,000,000) of the complete sum. Your response is required urgently as the Church of Nigeria is desperately short of funds for the poor widows and orphans. You will understand that this transaction is in complete confidence. Please contact me immediately at my address pjakinola@anglican-nig.org.
The Peace of Christ be upon you,

(reposted by permission of the author, Vanity)