Aw crap.

Sandra Day O’Connor resigning. Bush to appoint some random psychopath, who will get filibustered by the Senate, at which point they’ll go “nuclear” and kill the filibuster.

Making the Republican conquest of all three branches of government complete.

At that point they hunt the remaining Jedi to extinction and make it legal to shoot Democrats for sport. (I think it already is legal in some Southern states.)

Time to stop listening to the news for a year or so, so I don’t beat my head bloody against a wall. Maybe I’ll go find a “W 04” sticker for my car as a form of camouflage…

Or maybe Canada’s nice this time of year…

4 thoughts on “Aw crap.”

  1. Ed,

    I don’t think it’ll be as easy as you suggest for Bush to get an Arch-Conservative on the Supreme Court. I think both sides will battle on principal, thus making an easy victory impossible regardless of the candidate. But, I believe that many of the Senators who signed the petition to break the earlier filibuster impasse will stick by their words. McCain, especially, has much to lose as he’s hoping to run in 2008, and it would be extremely bad for his image as an independent thinker and honorable man to those moderates in both parties that see him as their candidate.

    But, perhaps you were just venting, and I should walk away slowly… slowly… :)

  2. Just venting. :)

    I’m serious about keeping the hell away from news for the next year or so though… :)

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