U.S. Soldier Beaten at Guantanamo

Pummeled MP sues Pentagon / Soldier was impersonating unruly Guantanamo detainee in training

A U.S. military policeman who was beaten by fellow MPs during a botched training drill at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, prison for detainees has sued the Pentagon for $15 million, alleging that the incident violated his constitutional rights.

Spec. Sean Baker, 38, was assaulted in January 2003 after he volunteered to wear an orange jumpsuit and portray an uncooperative detainee. Baker said the MPs, who were told that he was an unruly detainee who had assaulted an American sergeant, inflicted a beating that resulted in a traumatic brain injury.

Note to self: if they ever get desperate enough to draft people my age, do not ever believe anything a superior offer tells me under any circumstances.