Afterlife and Bongos

A couple really sketchy tracks laid down tonight with real instruments (mostly) — Afterlife Jam is a dubious attempt to play the Squirrel Nut Zippers’ “Hell” on my ukulele… it’s only got two chords but that was too much for me. I start rambling towards the end. I added a little reverb effect for fun.

Pipes and Bongos is an Apple Loop bongo track with three tracks of me playing a pennywhistle over it in a kind of meandering, random fashion.

I don’t disparage these things cause I don’t like them; if I hated them I wouldn’t put them out in public. I just don’t want anyone to download them expecting anything but me just dorking around. I mentioned to Kev today in instant messenger that maybe I’d lay down a track or two tonight, and I wanted to do so, so I did.

Alternatively, if you’d like to hear an amateur ukulelist who’s put some actual effort and discipline into his work, check out my man Clinton’s burgeoning West Palm Sessions, growing by the day.