sjs hates software: Mac OS X Tiger

sjs hates software: Mac OS X Tiger: “It Just Works”

I thought I was immune, but I drank the Kool Aid. I entered the Reality Distortion Field. Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” is my Saviour. Resistance is useless. So I upgraded. And everything broke.

Yeah, his thoughts here are pretty much what I thought. Glad I was just doing audio for shits and giggles and not for any professional reason, or I’d have wiped and reinstalled Panther.

3 thoughts on “sjs hates software: Mac OS X Tiger”

  1. I’ve been lucky. Everything has pretty much worked, except for iSync, which still stubbornly refuses to do anything with my Cingular Treo 650. I haven’t synced in weeks, and I can’t get my pim-like info onto my laptop, which I hate. I am using BackupBuddy on the Treo at least, so I am not entirely hosed, but I am pretty annoyed. One of the reasons I bought a Treo was to avoid having to sync myriad devices, which I guess should teach me a good lesson about REDUNDANCY, dammit.

  2. I’m expecting to install Tiger this week. I skimmed the Gimp forums for a Tiger discussion, but didn’t find anyone mentioning problems. Have you resolved the Gimp issues yet? Do the binaries run or is it a compilation issue?

  3. Gimp works great from Fink, no problems there except that I couldn’t get xsane to work as a gimp plugin. It runs fine separately though.

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