Back to the Grind

Hooray! One of my favorite places to work with free wifi has always been It’s a Grind (formerly Urban Mill) on the East Beltline. It’s just a super nice place and the baristas are 100% nice and I like it.

I haven’t been able to work there lately because their net connection has been so bad. Long, long, minutes of complete lossage of connectivity. Useless for me. I was so sad. I found other places to go.

But yesterday I stopped by and found out they’d complained to their provider and gotten it all fixed. It’s fast and smooth and wonderful now. Rock on!

I’ll be a regular again. Overpriced but tasty sandwiches here I come!

2 thoughts on “Back to the Grind”

  1. I’m going to become a Thursday regular, as opposed to my previous Tuesday engagement. See you tomorrow morning?

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