Episcopa Vagans

Huh. Just found out that a friend of mine is now a bishop.

For reasons I’m not even going to begin to explain, she sought ordination as a priest and bishop in the Apostolic Succession from nontraditional sources, and the presiding bishop of the Universal Anglican Church saw fit to grant her request. I’m not sure of the precise line of their apostolic succession but it’s ultimately through one of those Episcopi Vagantes type sources where everybody’s obsessively reconsecrating each other so in order for the consecrations to be invalid three dozen different lines of succession would have to all be invalid.

I saw a copy of the rite of consecration they wrote. It was quite beautiful.

I am told that one of the clergy who came to town to do the rite of consecration was wandering around a local Border’s in vestments and was mistaken for a Sith Lord. :)