Overheard On A Livejournal

From Ben Lehmann’s lj:

I’d just like to give a shout out to Fugu, a really excellent piece of SFTP software for OS X.

I am terrified that I am in violation of some ordinance. Are whiteboys allowed to give shout-outs? Are we allowed to give to software?

A reply in the comments:

Yes. You’re in violation of the Keep It Real, Yo Act of 1997. Amended in 2003 to ban the use of the -izzle construction by white guys, but fortunately you haven’t violated that portion yet.

A more “serious” reply:

No, you guys are all confused. Whiteboys are always allowed to use slang no longer in use. “Shout outs” haven’t happened on record tracks since… god… Midnight Marauders or the 2nd Bustarhymes album? Either way, we’re talking over 10 years ago. Kids these days don’t even know what a shoutout is.