Yahoo: “SCREW YOU, ED.”

This Yahoo! Account Has Been Deactivated

Please remember that the Yahoo! Terms of Service provides that Yahoo! may terminate your Yahoo! account in certain situations, including (a) where a violation of the TOS or other incorporated agreements or guidelines has occured, (b) in response to a request by you (self-initiated account deletions), or (c) extended periods of inactivity. For full information, please review the entire Terms of Service.

What the hell.

This is the second time Yahoo randomly screwed me.

Anybody who used to communicate with me over my ‘e_heil’ yahoo messenger address, don’t bother anymore.

You can reach me on AIM as MetaEdward and Jabber as ‘ed at-sign edheil dot com’.


I’m not even going to try creating a new yahoo account this time.

Been fun chatting with ya, yahoo friends. :(

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