Sucked In To Something Positive

One of the webcomics everybody seems to like is Something Positive. I’d checked it out before and given it the “eh.” It’s smart, it seemed funny sometimes, but at the time I looked at it there was a lot of soap opera going on, to which I didn’t know the backstory, and as always it was just so damned bitter.

This was 2004, the year I spent obsessively watching the Democrats spend a year losing to the worst president in generations, while continuing to take it in the shorts in terms of congressional seats and governorships. I had more than enough bitterness in my own soul to go around, I didn’t need a webcomic that gave me more.

But now that I’ve achieved some relative peace by ceasing to have any hope whatsoever for our political process as it stands, and stuff like that, for some reason I went back to Something Positive. I guess it was all the links to it on the webcomics I *do* like. Or maybe there was a hole in my heart left from having gotten about a storyline and a half behind on Scary-Go-Round for some reason. Anyway, I came back to Something Positive and started reading it from the beginning, and ya know, I’m kinda getting into it. There’s some funny stuff. The characters are horribly bitter and mean, but they do have hearts hiding under there and if you read about ’em enough you start caring about ’em. And if you read the thing from the beginning, you get to see where Choo-Choo Bear, the creepy boneless cat, came from.

I’m afraid I might actually be hooked on S*P.