‘Satanic orgies’ desecrated graveyard

Satanic orgies’ desecrated graveyard

via Fortean Times.

The thing that got to me is this sentence:

“And it’s obvious that orgies are taking place, as the area where they go is littered with used condoms.”

Cause you know, sure, they worship Lucifer, Beelzebub, Prince of Darkness, and conduct dark sacrifices, smashing headstones in a graveyard, but they don’t have sex without condoms! That would be irresponsible.

2 thoughts on “‘Satanic orgies’ desecrated graveyard”

  1. Those wacky Satanists are so practical, bringing condoms to an orgy and all. As a matter of fact…wait. You already made a codom joke. Damn you, Ed.

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