Kill Bill | Kill Bill is the story of a vicious software giant which sends out photocopied, baseless lawsuits to harass and intimidate the wrong college student.

He didn’t have any money… but he had a lot of time on his hands and a willingness to do a little legal research.

Microsoft’s lawyers never knew what hit them.

You know, I’d respect the Bush campaign against frivolous lawsuits by ordinary people against large corporations more, if they’d recognize that a large corporation is much less vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits by ordinary people, than ordinary people are vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits by large corporations. The “sue them till they run out of money defending themselves” technique is pretty powerful. If this had happened to an innocent head of a family with a 40 hour a week job, instead of an innocent smart and courageous college student with little to lose and a lot of spare time, well, it would have been a victory for the bad guys.

Story via Adam Black in instant messages.