Pingin from the King

This is the second West Michigan Burger King I’ve been in which has wifi. FREE wifi, not for-pay Wayport Wifi like McDonalds.

I’m at the Burger King on 28th street near Woodland Mall.

While I was at the one on 44th street just west of US 131, I happened to meet a local boss dude — an owner or regional manager or something. He asked me about the connectivity and I gave it a thumbs up. He explained that they had just decided to put in the wifi — they have DSL in all the local stores and he was like “why not throw in a $100 router and spread the love?”

Apparently the love has also been spread to the 52nd and Broadmoor store and a couple others, but I haven’t checked that out.

Between free wifi and the Enormous Omelette Sandwich, BK is indeed sharin’ the love.