He’s Always Sketching

Jeffrey Rowland I didn’t instantly recognize, but I should have. I could see the spiritual kinship between him and his avatar in Overcompensating. He had also set out some books and the like, and drawing gear, and as he chatted with people he sketched in their books, or in his sketchbook. That’s something I recognized almost immediately. Rowland sketches. All the time. Or at least, all the time he was there. He was personable and conversational and clearly enjoyed talking with his fans, but while he did so his pen was always working.


I’ve kept my new year’s resolution to draw at least one page — one page of anything at all, even random scribbles all over it — per day. Often it’s been in bed just before I go to sleep, quick scribble something out and then hit the hay. But I’ve always done it. So far I feel considerably freed up with respect to art. I can see how the logical endpoint of this would be something like what Burns reports of Rowland.

The “replace at least one glass of pop per day with a glass of water” thing is going well too.