Small personal bummer.

I interviewed for a job last week, and got the “sorry, we found somebody else” letter yesterday. A bummer. I’m working right now but it’s a weird situation — I’m doing contract programming for a company which keeps promising it’s going to hire me on as a salaried programmer soon, but says they’re not financially ready to take on a new employee right now. So that’s a non-ideal situation, and since I can’t force them to change their minds on that I’ve been looking around at other jobs. This one seemed like a real winner: a local Perl programming job.

I’d actually turned down two jobs I was interviewing for before this one because the salaries offered weren’t quite what I needed. So I had high hopes going in to this one. I was offered those other jobs, why not this one? But no. Not this time.

I’m grateful I’m not on a real job hunt where I’m doing this all day every day and getting rejections constantly, I guess. But this seemed like such a great possibility.