Playing Politics with Earthquake Aid

So I heard on NPR this morning that the deal with the President announcing his “coalition” of nations who are going to work together to help out victims of the disaster — well, the thing is, there already is an organization that helps nations work together to coordinate disaster relief. Duplication of efforts in these things is a serious problem because people die when aid that could have helped them goes someplace where the same aid is already present. That’s why an international agency already exists to coordinate this kind of aid. You know, so people don’t die needlessly and time and money isn’t wasted.

Of course, that international agency is run by the U.N. And the U.N. can’t be trusted, because they thought that invading Iraq was a bad idea and it probably didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. Therefore the U.N. must be sidelined, ignored, and discredited at all costs in favor of alternative organizations which will not inconvenience, disobey, or contradict the Bush Administration.

Even if it means a few extra people in the Indian Ocean basin have to die because aid was badly coordinated.

Thank you George W. Bush. Always protecting us from the dangerous U.N.

Ah well. This is based on a radio report that I heard this morning on npr and I could be misremembering it or misunderstanding the significance of it. I hope so.

2 thoughts on “Playing Politics with Earthquake Aid”

  1. Hey, Ed…good news. Jeb Bush is going to visit the region to help deliver the aid! Nothing political there.

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