Elder Alter Ego

A woman just walked up to me in Susie’s Doughnuts and said that she had to tell me this — that I looked just like her ex-husband, but younger — that I had the same hair color, ponytail, beard, way of sitting, I even sounded like him coughing (I’ve been hacking up a lung for the past couple days because of a cold or something).

Apparently her ex is this guy. I guess I’ve got a phantom older brother roaming around Grand Rapids.

Back when I lived in Chapel Hill people kept telling me I looked like somebody they knew; I eventually uncovered that the phantom me was named “Chip” and that he was described as a “scenester” — a hip afficionado of the Chapel Hill music scene. From those two pieces of information I discerned that he must be the evil twin.

By the way, being able to post to the blog from MarsEdit without opening a browser or anything is freaking addictive. Expect tons of impromptu posts about nothing from me in days to come.

UPDATE: Google Images gives me this and this and this as images I can identify as him. I don’t think the resemblance is that strong, do you?