That’ll Teach Me To Sneer

I was just crowing to friends about the lack of WordPress comment spam, and suddenly I got hit by about eight of them in a row today. WP’s automagical spam powers queued them for moderation, so they never appeared on the site, but what a drag.

I just installed the spammer tarpit plugin to waste their time. Now when an IP I’ve moderated tries to post they’ll get a 60 second delay followed by a “screw you spammer” message.

I’m thinking I’ll also want the blacklist.

We’ll see how it goes.

1 thought on “That’ll Teach Me To Sneer”

  1. Heh :) I knew it was only a matter of time. Any of the bigger blogging systems is going to be hit eventually. It’s often a good idea to change the name of your comments script from the default, but even that only works for a short while as spiders’ll soon find it.

    Maybe we should consider it the price of a successful blog? (I’ve heard good things about the WordPress blacklist)

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