Perl Namespaces

Namespaces: best discussion ever of what’s really going on with Perl variables and why it’s confusing sometimes.

The problem with Perl isn’t that it has no clearly-defined system of name management, but rather that it two systems, both working at once. Here’s the Big Secret about Perl variables that most people learn too late: Perl has two completely separate, independent sets of variables. One is left over from Perl 4, and the other is new. The two sets of variables are called package variables' andlexical variables’, and they have nothing to do with each other.

Double Standard From

Statement on Ukrainian Elections

The United States is deeply disturbed by extensive and credible indications of fraud committed in the Ukrainian presidential election. We strongly support efforts to review the conduct of the election and urge Ukrainian authorities not to certify results until investigations of organized fraud are resolved.

Democracy is good… over there. Over here, sit down and shut up and don’t question anything.

Mouseover DOM Inspector

slayeroffice | Mouseover DOM Inspector:

This favelet allows you to view the properties of any HTML element on a page simply by mousing over the element. The element will be given a gray background, and a DIV element that trails the mouse cursor will contain the element type along with all of the specified attributes of the element. Hit the “esc” key to turn the favelet off.

Via Sam. Crazy cool and a must-have for any web designer.

15 RPG questions

RPG meme bandwagon via Matt Snyder via 20by20 room.

  1. What is the first RPG you ever played?
    Tunnels & Trolls.

  2. What RPG do you currently play most often?

  3. What is the best system you’ve played?
    Nine Worlds.

  4. What is the best system you’ve run?
    The Pool.

  5. Would you consider yourself an: Elitist/ Min-Maxer/ Rules Lawyer?
    Don’t know what that means, but probably no.

  6. If you could recommend a new RPG which would you recommend? Why?
    Pretender looks great, but I haven’t played it yet! Same with Discernment. I would highly recommend Nine Worlds, from the one time I played it.

  7. How often do you play?
    Very sporadically.

  8. What sort of characters do you play? Leader? Follower? Comic Relief? Roll-Player/ Role-Player?
    Someone “different” with their own agenda and area of expertise, usually.

  9. What is your favorite Genre for RPGs?
    Non-generic fantasy

  10. What Genres have you played in?
    “Generic RPG Fantasy,” offbeat fantasy (e.g. Talislanta), fantasy-in-the-modern-day, play-the-monsters modern horror, space opera, superheroes, off the top of my head. Lots.

  11. Do you prefer to play or GM? Do you do both?
    Playing with a good GM. GMing with good players.

  12. Do you like religion in your games?
    Haven’t played anything where religion was significant that I can remember. Wouldn’t mind it.

  13. Do you have taboo subjects in your games or is everything “fair game”?
    Depends on the players, I guess, but I don’t game with anybody for whom anything is “fair game.” (Maybe if I played Kill Puppies for Satan…)

  14. Have you developed your own RPG before?
    Yeah! It was a modern fantasy game before everybody was doing those; it was called “Mystic Blood.” Developed it with a few friends. Have come up with a few generic systems, notably ETNRPG (“Ed’s Tuesday Night RPG”).

  15. Have you ever been published in the Gaming Industry? If so…what?
    Does a trap in Grimtooth’s Traps count? An establishment in one of the Citybooks? A few illustrations here and there? Sure. :)