Kill Rebels for Palpatine

So in this forge thread Clinton R. Nixon (designer of a neat Jedi-biting game called Paladin) advances following thesis:

Any good RPG can, with a minimum of effort, be used to play Jedi.

Clinton then challenged people to give him RPGs and he’d outline a minimal Jedi conversion. The first funny one was Kill Puppies for Satan: “Kill Rebels for Palpatine.” The prospect of an Ewok massacre made many posters happy.

And let’s not forget My Life With Master Yoda.

Mike Holmes drops in and almost kills the thread by being what he later describes as “an anal retentive fuckhead,” but he manages to resurrect it with an apology (in which he thus describes himself) and everyone including himself being friendly and decent.

It eventually became a challenge to find a decent game that couldn’t be used for a great jedi game, and nobody succeeded. Even some apparent failures (Breaking The Ice, a game about first dates) became successes with a little creativity (BTI turns out to work for playing out chunks of Star Wars as Luke and Leia’s “first date.”)

This is why I love the Forge. :)