God Bless America

Hardees comes through for us. No damn liberal hippy indie filmmaker is gonna squelch their vision.

The New 2/3 lb. Thickburger Takes Decadence to a New Level

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – November 15, 2004 – First there were burgers. Then there were Thickburgers. Now Hardee’s is introducing the mother of all burgers – the Monster Thickburger™. Weighing in at two-thirds of a pound, this 100 percent Angus beef burger is a monument to decadence, yet is still a throwback, as it features lots of meat, cheese and bacon on a bun. Available at all Hardee’s restaurants starting today, the Monster Thickburger is certain to crush the hunger pangs of even the most famished burger lovers.

(I’m not actually going to be partaking of these, because it sounds like a bit much even for me, it’s mondo expensive, and there are no Hardee’s in the area. But I will sleep better at night knowing that if I need one there’s a Monster Thickburger out there waiting for me.)

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