Finance a Recount in Ohio

The Green and Libertarian parties are stepping up to the plate where the Dems and Kerry wussed out: they are demanding a recount in Ohio because of the massive irregularities at the polls. Donate so they can afford it. This really freaking matters.

If they couldn’t afford the recount, would you want it to be because you didn’t send in your $20? your $10? your $5?

Got a sawbuck for the future of American democracy? What’s it worth to you?

(The link above is for the Green Party; I got it through If you’re not into financing Greens in general don’t worry; you can specify that your donation is to finance an Ohio recount specifically. If anyone has a similar link for the Libertarians I would be thrilled to post it.)

UPDATE: of course, I forgot to note — Nader is pushing for this bigtime too. And wouldn’t it be some delicious irony if they got the recount, confirmed a Kerry victory, and it turned out that Nader was instrumental in giving the Dems the victory this year instead of costing them one?

Integrity and refusal to compromise are a double edged sword.

UPDATE: You can contribute to finance an Ohio recount through Badnarik as well.