The Torture President Comes Through For His Torture-Endorsing Supporters

If you had any question about whether my characterization of Bush as “The Torture President” was accurate, I hope you don’t anymore, now that he’s trying to make an explicit advocate of American torture of prisoners our new Attorney General.

Oh, and to top it all off this is the guy behind the “The President can declare any American citizen an Enemy Combatant and confine him, indefinitely, with no trial or access to a lawyer” theory.

Thank you very much, all you pro-torture Bush voters. You got what your torture-endorsing human-rights-hating little hearts desired, didn’t you.

Nice job.

And those of you who are my friends, who voted Bush, who I happen to know to be good decent kind people, I will never, ever understand how you could do this to America. I trust you have your reasons. I will just never understand them.