Thinkin Bout Fallujah

Cause MC Frontalot’s Special Delivery just came up on the iTunes.

“Uh, yeah, I got a delivery for Iraq here; can Iraq sign for it? It’s a large box of freedom. Thanks. Sorry, I meant explosions. The freedom is backordered.”

And I wish that I could afford the ear of Bush the Second.
I’d ask is it your favorite philosopher who recommended
Invading and exterminating all who defy us,
Crying out “Justice!” but seeking out triumphs.
Was it your Christ, unbeloved of empires?
One nailed his ass to a post, he expired!
A terrorist, as Roman evidence showed,
Put down like a retard on the Death Row
In Texas, I guess, tough luck, right George?
Aint’ that how every war gets scored?
Big gun wins, winner gets a free turn?
Enemy after enemy burns?

A lot of killing going on there now, our men and women dying and killing.

A lot of killing.