Slashdot Sort Of Covers Election Weirdness

CmdrTaco of Slashdot spews a lot of good links on 2004 election freakiness while managing to mistake Michigan City, Indiana (near LaPorte, IN) for the nonexistent “LaPorte, Michigan,” misspell “anomaly,” and most egregiously of all, he opposes the “Diebold counties” to the “optically scanned paper ballot counties” — when the point of the article he links to is that the optically scanned paper ballots in those counties are counted by a piece of Diebold software which has been demonstrated repeatedly to be easily manipulated (Bev Harris demonstrated how to completely change the results of an election in less than two minutes at the machine, using no specialized computer skill beyond the ability to find, open, and edit a spreadsheet.)

Good old Slashdot.

In the interests of fairness and balance, I should link to the Kuro5hin story where one of the Kuro5hinites claims to have some statistical evidence of Ohioan weirdness in a particular county and another poster slaps him down and says it’s not statistically significant. I don’t know how to evaluate this either way, but it’s not relevant to the Florida situation where the results are WAY off. Typically, a Slashdot poster linked to this discussion despite the fact that the alleged anomalies it was addressing were not even linked to in the main slashdot post, and as far as I know are the theory of one sole Kuro5hin poster, and not getting any play anywhere else.

Good old Kuro5hin. Good old slashdot.

2 thoughts on “Slashdot Sort Of Covers Election Weirdness”

  1. Didn’t CmdrTaco go to Hope? I know one of the main slashdot guys did. If I knew MI geography a little better, I’d make a comment about how they have no right to get local geography wrong.

  2. CmdrTaco and Hemos and Nate (of Everything) all went to Hope College. Heck, they all went to Holland Christian High School, grew up in Holland (or Zeeland), MI, and posted on the same BBS’s that Ed and I did in the late 80’s.

    So nope, CmdrTaco doesn’t have much of an excuse. The closest he’s got is that Michigan City is more than an hour away from Holland and thus isn’t someplace you casually go to.

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