Summing Up The Voter Fraud Situation

So what I’m hearing is:

  • On the Democrat side, some people may have been registering fake people to vote in Ohio. This could be because they intend to fraudulently cast votes, or it could be because they are being paid per voter they sign up and are trying to beef up their payout.

On the Republican side, we have…

  • Nationwide efforts to worsen already difficult voting conditions in poor, urban, minority (Democratic) areas by means of an army of “poll challengers” there to make sure any possible vote is blocked

  • many thousands of ballots for Democratic areas in Florida “conveniently” lost in the mail

  • Republican officials in Wisconsin denying Milwaukee adequate ballots on the theory that they could be used fraudulently

  • attempt to throw out Ohio new-voter registrations (largely anti-Bush) by a Republican bureaucrat in Ohio on the basis that they were printed on the wrong kind of paper (failed)

  • Directly Republican-funded organizations explicitly instructing their operatives to inquire about people’s party preference before offering to register them to vote, and only offering to sign them up if they’re Republican, and if they inadvertently sign up some Democrats, they shred their registrations so they’ll show up to vote and find they’re not registered.

  • The above organization lies about who they represent and what they’re doing.

  • Republipundits everywhere alleging Democratic voter fraud left and right on slim to no evidence, in a classic case of projection

  • Fraudulent “urgent advisory” letters in heavily Democratic areas of Ohio telling people that if they were registered to vote by a left-leaning organization they were probably registered illegally and they will not be able to vote this year.

Oh, you hadn’t heard about that one? The picture’s really priceless.

3 thoughts on “Summing Up The Voter Fraud Situation”

  1. Yes. This is nothing new. This sort of thing has been happening for years. Hell, flyers have been put out in minority areas suggesting that people may be arrested if they try to vote and have an outstanding traffic violation.

  2. There were discovered as many as 788 illegally registered voters at Baptist Bible College in Springfield Missouri. The Local Election Authority (Richard Struckhoff) was notified as well as the Secretary of State (Matt Blunt).
    The voters were never required to properly register because the election authority was unwilling to make the politically charged decision. This voter fraud may have been occurring since 1979.

    If local election authorities are unwilling or unable to enforce election law then we need an elections board to take care of voter fraud and other issues surrounding partisan politics.

    How can approximately 788 people live at the same address? A Picture tells a thousand words.

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