Futzmonkey Targets GoesPing

I’m tired of emitting bits of political outrage stolen from the loathsome and infuriating Reddit.com to a WordPress blog with an irrelevant list of categories I never use and a blogroll two years out of date. I want to change something.

I want to set up some new and different kind of blog, doing something new and different with it.

What, where, how?

I don’t know yet.

Glassbooth – Quiz to help you choose best 2008 presidential candidate

Glassbooth – Quiz to help you choose best 2008 presidential candidate:
It pretty much confirmed what I’ve known from other sources about Kucinich and Gravel being my top matches. Interestingly Edwards was third. Edwards is no Kucinich or Gravel, not by a long shot, but he seems like a pretty good choice from among the candidates that the media hasn’t already decided to laugh off the field.

Photo: Comet Holmes

I’m pretty amazed at my digital camera, a Sony Cybershot DSC-P73 I’ve had for a couple years.

I bought a cheap tripod at Best Buy yesterday, and tonight I went out and took a picture of the comet. 30 second exposure. It actually came out very clearly! In fact, several stars are visible on the picture that were too dim for me to see (Phi Perseus, 34 Perseus, HP 16147 for example).

Check it out:

(the large image is here resized to an 84K JPEG, 1024×768)

Army PR Chief In Iraq Hates Liberals

The case of the angry colonel | Salon News:
Apparently in addition to blowing people and things up and torturing people, our tax dollars are also going to pay an Army Colonel (the chief PR dude in Iraq) to write a constant barrage of angry emails and comments to liberal blogs and reporters, accusing them all of lying.

Oh, and to write angry emails denying sending those other emails in the first place.

I’m so proud.