A Simple Misunderstanding

WRAL.com – News – Apology Left After Car Burning, Same Day Neighbor’s Car Targeted

Chris Belfiore discovered an apology painted on the sidewalk in front of his house two days after the arson of his roommate’s car.He noticed the message, “Wrong house sorry,” written in wet blue paint after seeing his neighbor’s car on fire early Thursday morning.

I don’t know why, but I find this completely hilarious.

Dolby & Wapsi

Thomas Dolby’s Blog » Blog Archive » What is Wapsi Square?

Somebody showed Thomas Dolby himself a strip from Wapsi Square which quoted his most famous song. Cool. Maybe he’ll become a fan. Wapsi’s one of my favorite webcomics, though now it’s on a brief hiatus (with a guest strip up) because of some medical problems in the creator’s family demanding his attention.

Dolby uses the same blog software as I do! Cool.

Hans “ReiserFS” Reiser, Linux filesystem developer, Cadaver Dogs and Death Yoga

cbs5.com – Oakland Police Search Home Of Missing Woman’s Ex

I’m just going to quote this cause I can’t summarize it.  It was linked on reddit.com, where posters could not restrain themselves from irreverent and hopelessly nerdy jokes….

“I don’t think you’re going to be able to prove crap against the man who implemented atomic transactions in Reiser4.”

“Actually, it would be quite easy. He writes everything down in his journal before doing it.”

So, um, yeah, I’ll quote the whole article after this break.

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