Where are we going? And why are we in this handbasket?

I’ve been cutting down on the news I read lately; haven’t gone on a whole-hog bookmark-deleting news fast though. I’ve even still been reading the fascinating conspiracy blog Rigorous Intuition. But I wonder if it might be something I have to abstain from too if I wish to receive the emotional benefits of avoiding the news for a while. This bit was posted today:

These are strange days, even for those who have anticipated them. It’s not so much that things are going to Hell, it’s just that things seem to be getting there so much sooner than expected. Only two more years of drought and the Amazon rain forest may burn and become a desert, a process “that might end in the world becoming uninhabitable.” The oceans are devolving into an acidic, primeval goo. Complex life is dying by our hands while we extinguishing ourselves, creating conditions unknown for hundreds of millions of years, in which the very bottom of the food chain, the slimes and invertebrates, reinherit the Earth.

Yeah… RigInt might have to go for a while.