The Verdict: Oink – Los Angeles Times
As we consider the worst fast-food offering ever, let us begin with the artifact itself: KFC’s new Famous Bowls product consists of a plastic tub of mashed potatoes or rice, topped with yellow corn, fried chicken nuggets,

gravy and three varieties of grated cheese. All in one container, all to be consumed as a single homogenous mass, spork after spork of undifferentiated food matter.

CJR Daily: About Those Photos of Little Girls and Artillery Shells …

CJR Daily: About Those Photos of Little Girls and Artillery Shells …

There have been a lot of people blogging about photographs of some little Israeli girls writing on artillery shells.  The real story (so this source says) has little to do with any of the conclusions people have drawn from the pictures, one way or the other.  Just wanted to link it in case anyone has seen it and not seen the real scoop.

Current Events

I probably won’t be commenting too much on politics and news, because new bad news these days, on many fronts, is appearing numbingly fast. It seems every day the world falls apart a little more.

(I’m thinking of Israel vs Lebanon, Iraq, a rogue Executive Branch, that kinda stuff)

Bush Apparently Learning from Schwartznegger About Personal Space Issues

Via BoingBoing, apparently female heads of state are now targets for the grabby hands of an inappropriately familiar American president.  You’d think that if Clinton managed to avoid inappropriate contact with female heads of state, Bush could.  You’d be wrong.

She looks like she didn’t appreciate his spontaneous gesture of affection!  Maybe she was afraid he was going to repeat his dad’s vomitory performance in Japan?

German story on it with video here.

I should probably say, for the record, that if the worst, stupidest thing Bush had done in his term-and-a-half so far was grabbing a German prime minister’s shoulders, it would be wonderful.