‘Satanic’ art in Catholic Church exposed

WorldNetDaily: ‘Satanic’ art in Catholic Church exposed

“Artists from DaVinci to Botticelli have embedded subliminal images into their art for centuries,” said Calace. “In this case we found penises on crucifixes, anarchy symbols, swastikas, demonic faces and in modern works even the word ‘sex’ encrypted into the images. The works in question include modern artists’ work currently on the covers of missalettes and hymnals that at this very moment sit in the pews of churches throughout the U.S. and on children’s religious teaching aids.”Calace said, “‘Rape of the Soul’ was created to heal the many that have suffered from these uninvited violations.”

You know how something can be so deeply deranged that it is just awesome? This is like that. What’s good for rock music and soft drink ads is good for centuries of devotional artwork!

I think that whoever named this “Rape of the Soul” should get some kind of “completely inappropriate use of a loaded word” award.  You know, like if somebody were to refer to a blight on grapefruit as a “Citrus Holocaust.”

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I almost want to see this, except for the fact that I would never get those hours of my life back.

Achewood Back to Normal

Achewood – April 3, 2006

After the great outdoor fight saga, it’s time for a return to familiar themes.  I looked at the first word balloon of the first frame of this one —

PHILIPPE: Lie Bot, I can’t sleep.  Will you tell me a fairy tale?

And  I was like, “No good can come of this.”  I was right.  Welcome back, ordinary Achewood.


I don’t remember if I blogged about this before, but a couple months ago it came out on all the usual suspect link-aggregators that somebody had “stabilized” the famous Patterson bigfoot video, taking all the jitter out of it and splaying the panning out from left to right.  It is a really cool technique, but what it reveals here is sadly disappointing — the fact that there is no waythat is anything but a dude in a monkey suit.  It moves exactly like a human in a suit, swinging his arms a bit to be apelike.

The video is hosted by Bigfoot Encounters,  direct link here.

If you’re more into the whole JFK thing than Bigfoot, the same thing was done to the Zapruder film here.