Ohio Election Workers Accused of Fudging ’04 Recount

Workers accused of fudging ’04 recount

Wow.  Remember that recount which was demanded by the Green and Libertarian party candidates?  Which they were granted, and it didn’t change anything?

It was apparently fake.  Instead of randomly selecting counties for hand recounts to check whether complete hand recounts were necessary, they did precounts and excluded any county which would have triggered a complete hand recount.  In essence they guaranteed that no hand recount would happen.  And now three of them have been indicted for it.

Via reddit.

(As I’ve mentioned before, I’m torn on the issue of whether I wish Kerry would have won, because if he had, all the rotten stuff that’s happening now as a result of Bush’s mistakes would be happening on Kerry’s watch, and Bush’s supporters would be all “See?  If we’d kept Bush this would all have been fine!” — but then, I guess we might not have all this illegal NSA wiretapping, a right-wing-stacked SCOTUS, etc, etc.  It’s a tough call.)

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