On Rule 21

I did not think I would have any comment on the Democrats’ invocation of Rule 21 to force discussion of the pre-war intelligence deceptions, but then I read Robin Laws’ blog and had to share:

Rule 21 has been used upwards of fifty times in the past half century or so, but never in this innovative ambush fashion. To invoke it requires a mere motion by one Senator, and a seconding by another. There is no way for the opposing party to block it. This is a surprisingly low threshold to activate such an effective weapon against the majority party.

Gamers have a word for a rule with such an unbalance between cost and benefit: a crock.

Thus again confirming that America, while it expresses an engaging core concept and includes plenty of cool crunchy bits, was rushed to press without sufficient playtesting.

Playing With DNS

Sorry about any former and current downtime involved with the blog. I’ve been trying to educate myself a little about DNS issues, and to decide whether I need DNS services from nearlyfreespeech.net or whether I can use my registrar’s free DNS service to do what I need.