“No form of American political theater contains greater potential for comedy and suspense than the congressional hearing. The format doesn’t merely allow for the trite, self-righteous grandstanding of attention-starved legislators — it’s designed to showcase it.”

— game designer Robin Laws on the steroid thingy

More Cool Wapsi

Wapsi Square – Thursday, March 24, 2005

Man, Wapsi’s getting intense again. Last time it was Monica and her strange history of supernatural encounters and suicidal depression, and now it’s Shelly flashing back to her childhood and, I believe, the time of her mother’s death (which we’ve heard about earlier in the comic), while she tries to deal with her increasing intimacy with Heather…

Paul Taylor’s good at this. It’d be easy for this kind of drama & expressionism to just be over the top, but at least to me it seems really intense and real.