White & Donny

When the video for Weird Al’s “White & Nerdy” came out, though it’s all good in a Weird Al kind of way, I found myself mesmerized in particular by the incredibly enthusiastic, goofy guy dancing behind Al in some of the segments…

a guy who turned out to be Donny Osmond. (Al: “I asked him to be in the video because he was the whitest guy I could think of.”) (Me: egads, how old must he be by now? He’s dancing with the energy of a five year old! A five year old on speed!)

Imagine my glee when I discovered that Al had posted to youtube the first take of that dance sequence — with the Donny Dance behind the Gangsta Al, in front of a greenscreen, for the whole song.

You’d think it would get old during the three minute song. You’d think Donny would run out of dance moves. You’d be wrong.

You Deserve Some Donuts!

First came Flickr video on Tuesday. Then came the anti-Flickr-video outcry on Wednesday. Now there’s the anti-anti-Flickr-video outcry.

This last movement takes the highly facetious form of Flickr’s new We Demand Donuts group. “If we get 20,000 people to join the group Flickr will be forced to give us free donuts!” the group’s manifesto states. “Join the group and invite all your contacts. We will make this the biggest protest group on Flickr and force them to give us free donuts!”

[From Attention Flickr video haters: Try a free doughnut | Underexposed – CNET News.com]

I think this is awesome. To these people I dedicate the following video.