“Day After “Appeasement” Remark, Ghost of Prescott Bush Hovers Over White House (satire)”

One day after President Bush likened presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama to those who appeased Adolph Hitler, the ghost of the president’s grandfather, Prescott Bush – in an SS uniform, muttering German and gesticulating angrily – has been hovering high above the White House since dawn.

An anonymous Bush administration staffer said the White House initially believed MoveOn.org, which many administration officials have compared to Hamas, had orchestrated the specter of Bush’s grandfather. (Prescott Bush, a true American hero, helped fund Hitler’s war machine and, as the BBC revealed last year, co-conspired to overthrow President Roosevelt to create a Nazi-style government in America.) But MoveOn.org spokesman Adam Green denied his organization’s involvement, saying, “Dude, if we could do that, we would’ve done it a long, long time ago. We would’ve saved a lot of money.”

[From MediaBloodhound: The Wounded-Courier: Day After “Appeasement” Remark, Ghost of Prescott Bush Hovers Over WH (satire)]

Awesome. Oh, if you didn’t know about Prescott Bush the would-be Fascist, look it up. It’s quite real. Via Crooks and Liars.

Read the whole article; it’s quite good.