4 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About 21st Century American Politics in a 10-Minute Video”

  1. I don’t like Chris Matthews’ yelling…but I have to say that I enjoyed this one immensely. “He’s an appeaser…his policies encouraged, emboldened, energized Hitler…he appeased them…”

    With this and with Obama’s response yesterday to the Bush/McCain smear, it feels like the tide has definitely turned.

  2. I agree that you sure can’t trust Chris Matthews to do the right thing, but he sure did, here, in his characteristically bombastic style.

    So… is the tide turning because the media aren’t putting up with conservative BS anymore, or are the media not putting up with conservative BS anymore becuase the tide is turning?

  3. It looks like B to me, though I think Colbert and Stewart did have a lot to do with it (and even the coverage of uproar over the Bush commencement at Calvin had a little part).

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